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Pictures of the Tree of Life

In this place I keep different images of the Trees of Life, I am trying to get a diverse collection of Trees. On of the problems with the Trees is that we can identify the end points, being either extant or extinct known organisms, but that it is more difficult to determine what the organisms at a junction would look like, the so-called intermediates. My own working hypothesis is that many branches represent end points of evolution, and are frozen, but streamlined versions of the intermediates. That’s why we have to focus on primitive cells that may represent the old, stable implementation of an intermediate. The rest could be traced from ontological analyses, as I think that an organisms ontology reflects its phylogeny, although not linear as Haekel thought, but branching). This view looks more like the old Trees from the 1900’s I guess. Anyway, I’ll later reanalyze my view when I have gathered Trees.

Phylogenetic analysis of the glycolytic enzymes TPI  Tree Of Life Detailed Tree of Life Haeckel's pedigree of man. The three domains Origin and evolution of early eukaryotes, current status 2004 Tree of life with and without extinct lineages. Haeckel's Tree of Life Tree of Life (3,000 species, based on rRNA sequences) HGT and the Tree of Life Phylogenetic tree Universal Tree of Life The Big Tree A phylogenetic tree of the animal kingdom Tree of Life Normal Tree of Life A phylogenetic tree of living things The Tree of Life Pictorial representation of the phylogenetic relationships between aerobic and anaerobic protists Tree of life based on the small subunit ribosomal RNA Phylogeny of animals Woese's view on Tree of Life Darwin's tree of life rRNA-based phylogenetic tree  A consensus of genome-trees  NEW ICONOGRAPHY OF LIFE'S TREE  Doolittle web of life  A schematic view of the evolution of Eubacteria, eukaryotes and Archaea. Predicted Time of Appearance of MRP Introns Changing views of the tree and timescale of life

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