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Images of mitochondria

I collect images of mitochondria and would like to share them with the rest of the world. As you can see for yourself, it is an enormous variety and there is nothing that even remotely looks like a bacterium in these pictures. The classical picture of the circular mitochondrion is in reality often just a cross section of a long tubular structure. From the pictures below, I think it is safe to say that mitochondria form reticular rather than spherical structures. When you compare them to real bacteria inside eukaryotic cells, you will see the difference as well. 



   Human fibroblasts Mitochondrial network Mitochondria.  Mitochondria with mitotracker Mitochondria in a neonatal cardiomyocyte The cellualr power plant OGT isoforms are differentially targeted to nucleus and mitochondria in Hela cells 3D Analysis of JC1-stained mitochondria  3D IMAGES OF MITOCHONDRIA-1 3D IMAGES OF MITOCHONDRIA-2 Two mitochondria NebenKern mitochondrion in sperm Drosophila Nebenkern spermatid   Oogenesis in Xenopus laevis Close proximity of mitochondria to the nuclear envelopeDnm1p localization and mitochondria constrictions and fissions dsRed-1 labelled Mitochondria in HeLa Cell Yeast Mitochondria Visualized in vivo using Green Fluorescent ProteinMitochondrial distribution in a bovine pulmonary artery endothelial (BPAE) cellFuzzy Onions and the Nebenkern 3D reconstruction of section of cells  Mitochondrion of crista type  Fig. 1. Mitochondrial morphologies in different cell types.  High Resolution Imaging: Mitochondria EM mitochondria Tubular extension on the outer mitochondrial membrane Balbiani body containing mitochondria  Mitochondria in phloem parenchyma cells of a maize leaf.  Tubular mitochondria visualized using fluorescence microscopy A single continuous mitochondrial structure spanning the entire length of the cell,  Image of an osteosarcoma cell labeled with a green fluorescent protein construct  Targeting of C. reinhardtii ATPase 6 to mammalian mitochondria   



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